Did someone send you a dick pic?

If they took it with their mobile phone chances are the pic contains GPS coordinates of where it was taken. Let's see if it does.

77988 pics uploaded between August 8, 2017 and September 22, 2022..
Update September 22, 2022:The upload functionality has now been disabled. Follow the links in the footer to learn more about the original idea and reasoning behind the website.

What you need to know

  1. This only works if the dick pic is tagged with GPS coordinates (most mobile photos are) and has not been manipulated after the fact. Several chat services strip this data from photos without alerting users.
  2. A screenshot of the dick pic will not work for example. You need to download the pic to your phone or computer before you upload.
  3. The sender may not be the original owner of the dick pic. Be careful of jumping to conclusions.
  4. Once you know the location you could use services such as Flickr Map and Google Maps to find more photos from the same location to help you in your detective work.

What happens to the photo?

  1. DickPicLocator will not save photos. They are deleted after the location data is retrieved. They do enough harm without clogging hard drives.
  2. A database will store the timestamp, GPS location plus camera model - for usage statistics. We will only show a counter per country of successfully analyzed dick pics. And perhaps most popular camera used, in the future.
  3. Please note that YOU are not tracked personally in any way. The only thing stored is the aforementioned info about the photo you upload, and a cookie is used by open source platform Piwik to count number of visits. Browsers with DoNotTrack enabled are not counted.

Created by Per Axbom to raise awareness, prove a point and foster debate.
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