NOTE! A screenshot of the picture will not be of any help. You need a copy of the original photo. This means you need to download the pic to your phone or computer. You may need to press and hold down on (eww, I know!) the photo to get the menu of options to download it to your photo library on a phone/mobile device. Right-click to download on a computer. If available, you could also e-mail the pic to your computer and upload from there.

Hang on. Are you about to upload a picture to a service without fully considering how the photo will be used? Sure it says the photo will be deleted, but can you trust this? On the other hand, when you upload and share photos on other platforms, how much are you thinking about where the photos may end up and how that data within them could be used? How do you know you can trust the intentions of a private company? How do you know what is stored, how you are tracked and how securely that data is protected? Could someone get hurt? But by all means, go ahead, upload that photo... the real reason you may trust me is that I have everything to lose by not being honest here. My personal brand and reputation is at stake.

Created by Per Axbom to raise awareness, prove a point and foster debate.
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